BK 2020 (Middle) (18-10-2020)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: De Weijervlakte
Pays: Belgique
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 7.58 km
Temps: 40:59
HR moyen: 146
HR maximum: 168
Had a relative good start (just making a 20" mistake by running straight and not around to control 2) and quite close to Yannick Michiels. In control 10, I was leading and almost catch up François V. Then I crashed myself very badly into a big branch and had to sit down on ground on the way to control 11. Bleeding in my eye didn't help to read carefully (I was also stressed) the map on control 11 and 12 losing 4min. I had again some bad mistakes (45" & 1'25") on controls 17 and 18 to finish anyway quite well but exhausted (the crash make it difficult to run - headache). Finally a big disappointment with a 10th place more than 5min behind Yannick.15 years ago I would probably run that kind of race under 30'... older and older every day pfffff... recovering now from injury

Temps : 37'58"
Distance : 6,38 km
D+ : 85m
MK : 5'57"/km
Résultat individuel : 10ème
Temps perdu : 6'15"
Temps du vainqueur : 32'57"
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BK 2020 (Middle) (18-10-2020) BK 2020 (Middle) (18-10-2020)