BK 2020 (Long) (27-09-2020)
Catégorie: Compétition
Carte/région: La Fontaine Bouillante
Pays: Belgique
Discipline: Long
Distance: 15.57 km
Temps: 86:23
HR moyen: 152
HR maximum: 178
One year ago, I was sitting in a hospital and was quite sick (Tularemia and Lyme diseases). Injured last 5 previous years, I was not able to run more than 30km a week in last September. I discussed a lot about orienteering in that time with my son, Emile, and we made a bet. Could you, Dad, still compete against best Belgian orienteers? Probably by using my technical experiences yes but still I needed a lot of commitment with a full-time job and family stuff (3 young kids). During winter, I ran more and more and increased very very slowly (to not be injured) my KM average. I remembered few late sessions at night around 10.00 pm where I asked myself if it was necessary to train after a long day at work. Emile was watching me by his bedroom window, so I did it even if I was very tired. Commitment again. In the last part or months, I took care of myself and manage my weight of my old body. Commitment again. Covid crisis didn’t help to plan or organize competitions or trainings but at least I had more time at home. BK Long was first plan in Stoumont but it was cancelled few days earlier. I was very sad because I felt ready again for a long, hilly and technically effort. But I knew the preparation was fun and it’s always the most important thing: the way, the Process, I really enjoyed it. Commitment again. BK Long was finally reprogrammed in Stambruges in a flat, bushy, marshy terrain. I made some unusual huge mistakes as it was a real night orienteering event on a rainy day. I felt slow, tired and had thoughts about given up during the race. But I remembered all the way my bet with Emile and the attitude I wanted to show… never give up. Commitment again. I surprisingly won and all other runners had the same technical troubles. Of course, a lot of the best runners like Yannick Michiels and some others were missing in the start list. But I finally won my bet and my 8th Long Elite title in orienteering at 42 years old. 33 titles in HE combining French and Belgian champs are something but last one was a really long way or process at my age. It was a matter of… commitment like everything in fact…
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BK 2020 (Long) (27-09-2020) BK 2020 (Long) (27-09-2020)